40 Best Fall Instagram Captions

If you’re anything like me, you’re out living your best PSL life during fall: sippin' spiced lattes, crunching leaves under your boots, visiting pumpkin patches...you get it. 🍁🤍☕️

But we all know the pressure of coming up with that perfect Fall IG caption. I rounded up 40 of my favorite captions for you to have on hand next time you've nailed that perfect capture but don't know what to say -- I've gotchu covered babe! ✨

Pumpkin Spice Captions

  • I’m spicing things up.

  • Spice, spice baby.

  • Sorry for what I said when I didn’t have my pumpkin spice latte.

  • What’s my blood type? Pumpkin spice.

  • Fall so hard motherpumpkins wanna spice me

  • The only thing getting lit this weekend is my pumpkin spice candle.

  • Wanna spice things up?

  • 🎃 spice and everything nice.

Leaf Captions

  • If you don’t like fall, you can leaf me alone.

  • You’re unbe🍁able.

  • You are unbe-leaf-able.

  • Can you 🐝🍁 this fall weather?!

  • Leaves are falling. Autumn is calling.

  • You are never too old to play in the leaves.

Corn maze | Pumpkin Patches | Apple Orchards Captions

  • Hay there!

  • Hate to be corny, but …

  • An apple a day keeps away anyone if you throw it far enough.

  • Life is gourd.

  • Hey, pumpkin!

  • Oh my gourd, I love fall.

  • Pumpkin Kisses and Harvest Wishes.

  • How bout them apples?!

  • I’ve never met a pumpkin I didn’t like.

  • Give em pumpkin to talk about…

Outfit Captions

  • Life is better in a sweater.

  • Channel the flannel.

  • Stay Cozy.

Autumn Captions

  • Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.

  • Sweet like pumpkin pie.

  • Autumn skies and pumpkin pies.

  • Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling 🍁

  • The only thing getting ‘lit’ this weekend are my fall scented candles.

  • Light breeze, colorful leaves.

Romantic Captions

  • FALLing in love.

  • I picked a good apple.

  • I’d like to see you s’more.

  • Help! I’ve FALL-en and I can’t get up!

  • You are the pick of the patch.

  • I still fall for you everyday.

  • Cutest pumpkin at the patch.



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