Airport transportation should be the least of your worries when taking that vacation! Find out how to save money the DFW Airport:

Catching a ride with Uber or Lyft to the airport is pretty much the norm these days! But in all honesty, I’ve had one too many instances where I’m stuck waiting on them due to unforeseen circumstances and then feeling rushed to the airport – have y’all ever run through long airport gate? That’s a whole workout in itself! That’s where the DFW Airport Pre-Paid comes in handy- did you know you can save significantly if you plan a little ahead and pay for terminal parking in advance? Being able to take my own car and have it there once I return from the trip is a game-changer.

And this Labor Day weekend they have a special promotion of $9.99 / day!

Promotion Details:

  • Must book on Thursday, August 29th

  • Price point: $9.99

  • Minimum 48 hour stay

  • Valid for travel through September 30

  • Terminal Parking Only

How to sign up for Pre-Paid Parking:

  1. As easy as one click! Go online to DFW Pre Pay Parking

  2. Fill out the information needed (airline travelling, dates, license plate)

  3. Save QR code to scan at the entrance and exit of the parking lot.

Saving money, time, AND convenience is definitely a plus in my book. If you travel out of this airport I’d recommend downloading the app so you’re in the know every time they run promotions! I definitely recommend DFW Prepaid Parking next time you take a trip – if you end up trying it, let me know your experience below!

xo, Karo

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